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Buyezee Introduces New E-Commerce Marketplace

MLM News November 22, 2016

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Buyezee Introduces New E-Commerce Marketplace


Buyezee are due to launch their latest upgrade in December to their Shop Owner Packages which allows businesses to upload their product database to the Buyezee Network of 15,000+ affiliated websites, with combined monthly visitor traffic already contributing to 10 million page impressions (October 2016), plus the ability to create multiple storefronts for niche marketing.

Prior to their launch of the upgrade, Buyezee are already receiving requests daily for companies large and small, from all corners of the globe who have already declared their intent to start trading on the Buyezee Marketplace.

This addition empowers Buyezee to enter emerging countries where currently the current eCommerce options available are cost prohibitive and with limited captive audiences to promote their products. This new concept of the Buyezee marketplace will allow companies to promote on the global stage at a fraction of the costs of “going it alone”

With global retail eCommerce sales on target to exceed $3.5 Trillion by 2019, making up 12.8% of the total worldwide retail spend, Buyezee have positioned themselves to take advantage of the growth in emerging countries where currently the current eCommerce options available are cost prohibitive and with limited captive audiences to promote their products.

This new concept of the Buyezee marketplace will allow companies to promote on the global stage at a fraction of the costs of “going it alone”

To further enhance the marketplace – Buyezee technical team is also working on what they are saying will be a “Category Creator” – where anyone who has just a single product to sell will be able to promote on their new “pier2pier” global trading personal marketplace which will be launched in 2017

Chris MacDonald – CTO, Buyezee commented:

Our technical team has been working on this project for many months, and we are very positive that the impact this ha to our existing product portfolio will be a “game changer”

Daniela Claudia Szasz, CEO, Buyezee added:

“Being an early adopter puts Buyezee in a position to lead the field, and as a result, we will see incredible growth in revenues for all concerned”

About Buyezee:

A global provider of fully serviced eCommerce shops that can empower individuals and companies alike to immediately brand, promote and profit from the Multi Trillion Dollar marketplace with little or no previous knowledge or experience.

BUYEZEE’s innovative eCommerce products are marketed person-to-person by independent Shopreneurs on a global basis.

From its conception, BUYEZEE™ have chosen and consulted the most competent people available, thus ensuring that no beta testing is carried out at the expense of the network.  Much time, money, planning and resources has been invested into product development to make this a powerful and leading global opportunity.

More Information can be obtained from our corporate website: www.buyezee.net


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Young Living Appoints Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer

MLM News November 22, 2016

Young Living Appoints Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer
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Young Living Appoints Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer


Young Living Essential Oils, the largest essential oil company in the world, today announced the promotion of Dr. Michael Buch to Chief Science Officer.

Dr. Buch’s experience in product formulation and marketing, advanced analysis techniques, regulatory affairs, and open innovation models has enabled Young Living to elevate its investment in science.

Dr. Michael Buch was appointed Chief Science Officer for Young Living Essential Oils

With nearly 30 years of experience leading highly scientific organizations for large global companies, Dr. Buch started his career in quality control and quality assurance and eventually built and ran advanced analytical laboratories specializing in spectroscopy, chromatography, and microscopy. His expertise and connections within the scientific community have enabled Young Living to collaborate with top scientists in various fields around the world.

“Dr. Buch has taken members of an already skilled team and expanded their scientific capabilities, while enhancing the company’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of innovation,” said Jared Turner, Young Living Chief Operating Officer.

This is invaluable to the development of our products, as well as empowering our members’ ability to share the benefits of our products in new and powerful ways.”

Under Dr. Buch’s leadership, two Over-the-Counter (OTC) products launched earlier this year, which makes Young Living the only essential oil company to formulate and manufacture products in this category. The products, Thieves® Cough Drops and Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream, opened the door for Young Living to pursue additional oil-infused products with medicinal claims within FDA guidelines.

In addition to researching new findings to support claims for existing products and new product formulation, Dr. Buch and his team have taken Young Living to the forefront of quality and purity assurance by becoming the only essential oil company to conduct all product testing in-house with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Dr. Buch is a member of several prestigious associations, including the Institute on Science for Global Policy and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His work has resulted in more than a dozen patents in the health care field, several books, and numerous published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

About Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils, LC, is the world leader in essential oils, with a strict Seed to Seal® process that produces pure essential oil products for every individual, family, and lifestyle. This process ensures that all products are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and pure.

This commitment stems from the company’s more than 20 years of stewardship toward the earth and its people. For more information, visit YoungLiving.com.

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How To Answer The: “Is this Network Marketing, Is this MLM?” Objection

MLM News November 22, 2016

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How To Answer The: “Is this Network Marketing, Is this MLM?” Objection


Top leader and multi million dollar earner Alex Morton has written an awesome response on this objection.



Some of you, the only thing missing in your recipe for massive success is a BACK BONE.

Start standing up for yourself.  Stop letting people pee all over your brain. Develop some confidence. Accept the fact you can do this.  Stop letting broke people control your thinking & shoot your dreams down. 

When people ask if what you’re doing is Network Marketing, don’t get all weird and start stuttering & attempt to beat around the bush. “Well it’s uh uh uh kinda, it’s a hybrid, its social retail, it’s relationship marketing, it’s person to person direct selling.”

NO, my friends, it’s Network Marketing. YOU are a part of a $180,000,000,000 a year industry. Act like it. Be Proud.

I’m in constant amazement and shock when people, intelligent people think what we do is so insane or illogical.

Oh, I see, you rather me get a loan from a bank or even worse a family member to start up a restaurant, a clothing brand, or a brick and mortar place of business. In 2016, that to me is pure insanity. 

Top Franchise Initial Costs.

  • Jimmy Johns: $326K-$555K 
  • Hampton Hotel: $4.2M-$14.9M
  • Super Cuts: $144K-$294K 
  • Anytime Fitness: $80K-$490K
  • Subway: $117K-$263K

How far is someone willing to drive for a sandwich? How many competing gyms are already in your town? How many haircuts do you need to complete for $150K?

The overhead costs of a “tee shirt guy” who rents a place in Times Square is $60,000.

In my opinion, a traditional business in 2016 is ludacris. You have to be there 24/7 because you can’t fully trust your employees. Your overhead is insane. Rent, electricity, tools, machines, licenses, repairs, etc. Headaches and stress every day.

In our industry, for a whopping $199, $499, even $999 in some cases is CHEAP for what we get. You get access to actual winners. People who actually have time and money freedom willing to coach you and help you acquire the same exact thing. No rent, no employees, no equipment, oh no you have to spend $75/$175/$197 a month on GREAT products or services that are making you healthier OR earning your money. BOO HOO. 

It’s insane to me.

This industry is the simplest way for the average person to create wealth. PERIOD. Show me something better…. PLEASE.

It’s almost 2017 & we can reach 60 different people in 60 countries in 60 seconds with our smart phones and thumbs. Start thinking in the present and not the past. Remember, if you’re doing what everyone else around you is doing you’re probably losing. If you win the rat race you’re still a rat.

The history books our kids will grow up with in 2020, 2030, will talk about how this industry, the industry you’re a part of, changed the lives of millions of people.

Remember, the government, the elite class who run this world, DO NOT WANT US TO BE WEALTHY AND HAVE FREEDOM. They want a nation of workers not thinkers.

I challenge you to think. I challenge you to stand up for yourself. I challenge you to understand what we have. 

Be proud to be in Network Marketing.

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Julia Zhu And Tony Bao – Mannatech Achieve Million Dollar Club

MLM News November 22, 2016

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Julia Zhu And Tony Bao – Mannatech Achieve Million Dollar Club


Julia Zhu and Tony Bao, founders of the Happy Team and one of the first two Chinese Canadian couples to achieve the prestigious Platinum Presidential Director leadership level, have achieved huge success with Mannatech.

They are Chairman’s Club members, which is an exclusive club made up of only top leaders within the company, as well as Million Dollar Club members, meaning Julia and Tony have earned more than $1 million in commissions since joining Mannatech.

But the road to success hasn’t been easy. Julia immigrated to Canada in 2004, leaving behind her job, family and friends in an effort to help provide her son with a proper education.

Julia is very well-educated; she received her master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology at Xi’an, and she was one of the first engineers for Dell China. However, when she moved to Canada, she was forced to find a job in a country where she did not speak the language, and she had to settle with working for entry-level positions.

She earned a job as an AutoCAD drafter, but she was soon introduced to Mannatech and the business opportunity. This intrigued Julia, but her husband at first discouraged her from a career in direct selling.

Determined for success, she began her Mannatech business working out of her home garage. Without any Chinese material to use, and without understanding the products well, Julia pursued the business with all she had. After speaking to several individuals, she was turned down over and over again. But she persevered.

After learning more about the products and staying focused on building her business, she finally had a breakthrough. One of her friend’s parents tried Mannatech’s products and greatly benefited from taking them. She then had another friend who also had a positive experience taking Mannatech’s products.* Before long, they were all recommending the products and referring their friends and family to Julia.

Soon after, Julia convinced her husband Tony to join her at an upcoming MannaFest conference where he learned about Mannatech’s amazing products and business opportunity. He decided to make a commitment to his Mannatech business, but he also suggested naming their team the “Happy Team” so that he could work to fill them with joy, unity and harmony. The team has grown exponentially since then, and many leaders have emerged from different parts of the world.

Since joining Mannatech, Julia and Tony have experienced true financial freedom, and they work every day to help others achieve their dreams.

About Mannatech

Mannatech, Incorporated is committed to transforming lives through the development of high quality integrated health, weight management, fitness and skin care products distributed through its global network of independent associates and members.

The company has been operating for more than 20 years with operations in more than 25 countries. For more information, visit Mannatech.com.

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Toan And Van Nguyen – Wor(l)d GN Achieve Grand President Rank

MLM News November 22, 2016

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Toan And Van Nguyen – Wor(l)d GN Achieve Grand President Rank


In their first week, Toan and Van Nguyen have achieved the rank of Grand President, considered one of the fastest rises in Wor(l)d history.

A Wor(l)d Grand President brings in over $750,000 of revenue in 7 days. In addition, Toan and Van are some of the fastest to hit the rank of President, achieving this in only 24 hours.

Toan and Van’s story may sound like instant success but their story is far from that. Joining the industry in their late teenage years, they weren’t exactly sure what to do and experienced failures and setbacks.

But one thing about Toan and Van’s attitude that has always helped them rise above the challenges and pushed them to keep moving forward was their nonnegotiable attitude towards achieving success. By utilizing this mindset, they were able to overcome every obstacle and charge forward stronger than ever.

We asked them their reasoning for joining Wor(l)d and they replied:

“As long as we have been in this industry, we have never seen a company that provides such an amazing and attractive product! When we saw our longtime friends and first US President Millionaires Chad and Nattida Chong showing their Helo on Facebook, we stayed up all night learning about it.

The next day we bought the product from them. With Wor(l)d’s leadership, a highly rewarding compensation plan, an amazing CEO with long term vision, and the unique timing of where the wearable tech space is, we knew this was a perfect opportunity”

Toan and Van met through network marketing. During their 13-year career, they have built a thriving successful business for themselves and their team. They are known for their dynamic leadership as a couple and have built a global business.

They were also recognized as being among the top 10 highest income produced on a weekly basis.

Toan and Van Nguyen

About WOR(l)D Network.

With an Headquarter in MIAMI, USA, WOR(l)D stands apart as a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies. In the 15 offices distrbuited in all the continents, WOR(l)D is employing the brightest minds and best professionals, constantly investing in great ideas and highly motivated people.

Every WOR(l)D product reflects its passion for research, innovation and environmental responsibility.

WOR(l)Dis a recognized as a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable, socially connected world. Leveraging a new business paradigm, WOR(l)D seeks to transcend every social and economic boundary.

Using innovative products and a proven, direct selling business model wor(l)d is helping people around the globe to transform their lives—and their livelihoods. For more information please visit www.worldgn.com

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Eagle Gates Group Review: Package-based Ponzi investment

MLM News November 22, 2016

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Eagle Gates Group Review: Package-based Ponzi investmentEagle Gates Group name Eddy McClough as Founder and CEO of the company. Has over 12 years of diversified financial services experience holding senior management roles spanning investment banking, private equity, investment management, and real estate in global financial services brands such as KPMG, Bank of America Securities and Merrill Lynch. Distinguished speaker who has presented [Continue reading…]

Source: Eagle Gates Group Review: Package-based Ponzi investment

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/eagle-gates-group-review-package-based-ponzi-investment/

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Razzleton Review: President-elect Trump used to market Ponzi fraud

MLM News November 22, 2016

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Razzleton Review: President-elect Trump used to market Ponzi fraudThere is no information on the Razzleton website indicating who owns or runs the business. Razzleton claim to be involved in the ‘worldwide distribution of healthcare products‘. On their website, Razzleton claim: Razzleton HealthCare Limited has been in the wholesale drug market since 1995. Building a team of highly qualified pharmacists, skilled logistics experts and [Continue reading…]

Source: Razzleton Review: President-elect Trump used to market Ponzi fraud

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/razzleton-review-president-elect-trump-used-to-market-ponzi-fraud/

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USFIA forensic accounting to be completed Jan 2017

MLM News November 22, 2016

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USFIA forensic accounting to be completed Jan 2017In his 5th Interim Report, the USFIA Receiver has indicated he expects forensic accounting to be completed around January 2017. Once finalized, the accounting will confirm the entire scope of the USFIA enterprise, the number of investors, or specific amounts invested by investors and distributed to them. As per current accounting progress, the Receivership has [Continue reading…]

Source: USFIA forensic accounting to be completed Jan 2017

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/companies/usfia/usfia-forensic-accounting-to-be-completed-jan-2017/

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