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CPS Traders Review: Spam, e-commerce and Ponzi ROIs

MLM News 6 hours ago

CPS Traders Review: Spam, e-commerce and Ponzi ROIsThere is no information on the CPS Traders website specifically identifying who owns or runs the company. MMO24hs Group is presented is described as a “financial group” and presented as CPS Traders’ parent company. Our MMO24hs Group is an online based company with its representatives living in the USA, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and [Continue reading…]

Source: CPS Traders Review: Spam, e-commerce and Ponzi ROIs

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Brazilian authorities squabble over TelexFree funds

MLM News 6 hours ago

Brazilian authorities squabble over TelexFree fundsTo date Brazilian authorities have seized and fined TelexFree for over R$1 billion ($308 million USD). On top of that the Brazilian IRS have issued TelexFree with more than R$3 billion ($924 million USD) in tax-related penalties. The state of Acre, who were first to freeze to TelexFree in Brazil, are trying to secure these [Continue reading…]

Source: Brazilian authorities squabble over TelexFree funds

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/companies/telexfree/brazilian-authorities-squabble-over-telexfree-funds/

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Norman Cornejo – Zrii Achieves $5 Million In Commissions

MLM News 12 hours ago

Norman Cornejo – Zrii Achieves $5 Million In Commissions


Zrii Celebrates its first $5 Million earner, Norman Cornejo, Zrii Ruby from Colombia, reaches monumental milestone.

At a recent company leadership event in the Bahamas, Zrii, Inc., recognized Norman Cornejo, from Colombia, as the first of its Independent Executives to reach $5 million in career earnings with the company. Cornejo, a Ruby in Zrii, beamed from the stage as more than 1,100 friends and peers celebrated his achievement.

Cornejo joined Zrii in April 2009, before the company had even launched in his home country. “A few months after he signed up with Zrii, I remember telling Norman that we didn’t yet have plans for Zrii in Latin America,” recalled Zrii Founder & CEO Bill Farley.

“I also remember telling him that if he worked hard, we’d support him. We always work to keep our promises, and today we’re proud to note that most Zrii products are registered in Colombia, and that market already has two Zrii offices, with a third on its way.

We’re so proud of Norman and what he’s been able to accomplish!”

“When I first met Norman I could tell right away he was a very special leader,” said A.K. Khalil, Zrii’s president.

“I’ve worked with Norman over the past four years, and one thing I love about him is that when he puts his mind to something, no one can stop him.”

In February 2013 Cornejo became Zrii’s first 10-Star Executive in Latin America, and just a year and a half later he advanced to the rank of Ruby, one of only 5 such Zrii leaders worldwide.

“Norman was the first person to become a member of Zrii’s $1 Million Club, which now has almost a dozen members,” said Khalil, “And now that he’s the first to reach $5 million, I know it won’t be long before many more follow.”

When asked for his perspective, Cornejo eagerly shared:

“We show people by example that in this industry we keep our promises—people can make their dreams reality.”

Cornejo credits his team and their passion for helping him reach this milestone. “Even though I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, there were challenges,” he continued. “I realize now that the challenges were necessary so I could continue to develop and grow as a person.”

On stage that night in the Bahamas, Cornejo asserted that he and his team are not done: They’re continuing to help others work and advance within Zrii. It’s something he’s enjoyed since those early days with the company, in 2009, and something he continues to embrace today and into a bright future.

About ZRII

Zrii, LLC, was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping people Live Without Limits™. Its flagship product is The Original Amalaki™ juice, based on the Amalaki fruit, long revered in Ayurveda. Other phenomenal products followed, including the September 2016 introduction of a complete day-into-night skincare system, called ZriiNew™.

Now a networking force in 19 countries around the globe, Zrii also helps individuals and families fuel an active lifestyle and reach their dreams through personal growth and financial opportunity.

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Raining Dates Review: Dating & potential cash gifting

MLM News September 25, 2016

Raining Dates Review: Dating & potential cash giftingThe Raining Dates website identifies two admins, Georgetta Monroe and Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. Both are the administrators and are equally responsible for running Raining Dates Agents. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. has been involved in online marketing for years. In 1995, after watching the internet since 1991, Tim decided to sell all his enterprises and go [Continue reading…]

Source: Raining Dates Review: Dating & potential cash gifting

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/raining-dates-review-dating-potential-cash-gifting/

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Power Elite Team Review: Twenty-one tier matrix gifting cycler

MLM News September 25, 2016

Power Elite Team Review: Twenty-one tier matrix gifting cyclerThere is no information on the Power Elite Team website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Power Elite Team website domain (“powereliteteam.com”) was registered on the 15th of September 2016, however the domain registration is set to private. The official Power Elite Team Facebook group has four listed admins; TammyBeth Gillispie, Annette Keibler, Gladys Fonkwo and Bev [Continue reading…]

Source: Power Elite Team Review: Twenty-one tier matrix gifting cycler

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/power-elite-team-review-twenty-one-tier-matrix-gifting-cycler/

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Long Avon: Transformation Plan And New Pricing Mix Paid Off

MLM News September 25, 2016



  • Q2 2016 revenue of AVP came out at $1.43 Billion, a 10% increase compared to Q1 2016.
  • AVP’s EPS came out at $0.07, more than double against the estimate of $0.03.
  • A new pricing mix of AVP helped their revenue growth in Russia and Philippines, 15% and 6%, respectively.
  • Based on Deutsche Bank’s price target of $8, AVP offers secondary investors an additional 47.05% upside potential.

Company Overview

Over the last 130 years, Avon Products Inc (NYSE:AVP) has been manufacturing and marketing beauty and related products to the American consumers. Avon is an icon brand that empowered women in the United States to run their own business long before they had the right to vote! To date, they primarily depend on only one channel, direct selling, to market their products.

Today, Avon Products Inc produces some of the finest brands of beauty, fashion and home products, including skincare and personal care products, fragrance and cosmetics, fashion jewellery, watches, apparel, footwear, accessories, housewares, leisure products, and decorative items.

Since inception in 1886, Avon Products Inc has gradually spread its operations to Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

As of September 21, 2016, Avon Products Inc had a market capitalization of $2.38 billion and employed around 28,300 people to run its global operations.

Review of Q2 2016 Financial Results

Figure 1: Since August 2, Avon Products Inc Stock Price Has Gone Up by 30.77%

Since releasing its Q2 2016 quarterly earnings on August 2, 2016, Avon Products Inc’s stock price has gone up to $5.94 per share, representing around 43% increase within a month. However, over the last two weeks, the stock price has retraced back a little and currently trading at $5.44 per share, still representing a 30.77% increase.

The primary reason for this sudden bullishness was better than expected earnings per share. Analysts were expecting Avon Products Inc’s EPS to come at $0.03, but the actual EPS came out at $0.07, more than double, which prompted the market to turn bullish.

Figure 2: Avon Products Inc Q2 2016 Revenue Came Out at $1.43 Billion

The better than expected EPS came amid a boost in revenue, which came out at $1.43 billion. Compared to the previous quarter, Q1 2016’s $1.3 billion, it represented a 10% increase in top line. However, compared to the same quarter last year, Avon Products Inc Q2 2016 revenue fell by 8.33%.

Figure 3: Avon Products Inc ROE (NYSE:TTM) Stayed Around 164.8% in Q2 2016

Regardless of the drop in revenue compared to Q2 2015, Avon Products Inc’s ROE (TTM) stayed somewhat constant, which came out at 164.8%.

As Avon Products Inc returned to profitability, by posting a $33 million net income in Q2 2016, investors were interested to know about what the management had to say about the short-term outlook of the company.

Takeaway from Q2 2016 Earnings Call

During the Q2 2016 earnings call, Sheri McCoy, the Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products Inc sounded optimistic about their “Transformation Plan.” “The changes we’ve made to the operating model are settling in, giving us greater connectivity between corporate and the critical market,” she said.

Currency pressure was one of the reasons Avon Products Inc’s nominal revenue fell short. In fact, Ms. McCoy was right to point out that in constant currency basis, the Q2 2016 revenue actually went up by 5%. Besides revenue, the direct selling model of Avon Products Inc highly depends on the number of global representatives, which went up 1% in Q2.

However, the average number of orders were remarkably up 4%, which we believe was a direct result of the new pricing strategy.

When Ms. McCoy mentioned that they are “taking a disciplined approach to pricing, pricing translation, strategically pricing in key markets and driving price through innovation in mix,” it really reflected the increase in average orders.

While most of the regional revenues fell, the Russian market did very well for Avon Products Inc. In local currency basis, Russian sales were up 15% because of the increase in average order driven by pricing mix. Also, Asia Pacific sales, especially in the Philippines, did well, where the revenue growth was around 6%.


So far Avon Products Inc has not issued any guidance, but we believe the steady increase in active representatives across its global markets offer a good perspective. Since the start of 2016, Avon Products Inc’s stock price has gone up by almost 100% and the last few weeks’ bullish momentum gives a good indication of the short term price action.

Soon after Avon Products Inc released its Q2 earnings, on August 8, 2016, Deutsche Bank raised its price target to $8 per share. While we were initially skeptic about such high valuation, amid the strong momentum, we believe it would be reached within the next quarter.

Based on the current market price of $5.44, Deutsche Bank’s target price offers secondary investors an additional 47.05% upside potential.

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Government tightens grip on retail business and online direct sales

MLM News September 25, 2016

Business operators running retail business similar to the pyramid model business, and selling services and products on line, will come under state control with hefty fines in case of defaults.

Government spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the Cabinet has endorsed the tough control in an amendment which was earlier screened by the Council of State to govern the retail and direct sale business.

Under the amended law which sets clear boundaries for both types of business, they  are now required to register their companies and punishments in the form of 20,000 Baht daily fines are specified in the event of default.

The spokesman said under the new law, businesses that have operations that invite individuals to join a network to sell products or services will be classified as retail businesses. Such businesses hand out benefits similar to the pyramid model business and as such are required to clearly define their business and financial activities because of the massive implications that its operations has on its members.

They must register as corporate enterprises with a registration capital no less than 5 million baht and essentially, must provide legitimate warranties on their products and services as well.

In the event of default, it has been specified that that fines of 20,000 baht per day will be charged.

With regards to direct sales operations, these involve businesses that sell products and services online on various websites.

The government has given its support to SMEs and OTOPs (One Tambon, One Product) to engage in such businesses. As such private individuals are permitted to register as private enterprises and require no registration capital.

Punishments for default for these businesses however are no less severe with defaults resulting in 1 year prison terms and maximum fines of 100,000 baht or 10,000 baht per day for the duration of the default period.

The government has advised all retail and direct sale businesses to make all required adjustments to comply with the new laws within 60 days of the legislation coming into force.

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Ohio’s Longaberger Giant Basket Building Headed to Foreclosure

MLM News September 25, 2016

The Longaberger Basket Building, the Newark, OH, office structure built to resemble a giant picnic basket, is heading to foreclosure if the home goods company does not pay more than $600,000 in back property taxes.

Olivia Parkinson, the Licking County treasurer, tells realtor.com® that the county recently sent a letter informing Longaberger that it is referring the property for tax foreclosure. The company, which hasn’t made a tax payment since November 2014, owes $605,219.12.

In order to halt foreclosure proceedings and an eventual property auction, the company must pay the bill in full within two weeks, Parkinson says.

The one-of-a-kind property has lingered on the market for 18 months. Brenton Baker, a spokesman for the Longaberger Company, says serious negotiations are underway with “several entities” who’d like to pack their employees into the basket building.

The basket backstory

It’s been tough to find a buyer for the 180,000-square-foot building in a suburb of Columbus. The basket landed on the market for $7.5 million about a year and a half ago, and the price has since been slashed to $5 million. The current asking price works out to about $27 per square foot, roughly half of what area office space—that doesn’t look like bologna sandwich storage—typically commands.

“It’s a very unique property, and I don’t know that there are a lot of basket-related businesses out there,” says Baker. “The inside is a very nice, high-end office space. But the outside does present certain challenges.”

Longaberger, which sells baskets through a national network of Tupperware-style home consultants and is now owned by JRJR Networks, completed the office building in 1997 at a cost of approximately $32 million. It was the brainchild and dream project of the company’s founder, Dave Longaberger, who wanted his headquarters to mimic his best-selling basket.

Initially, the project’s architects thought he was speaking conceptually. But after the third failed design, Longaberger grabbed one of his baskets, slammed it on the table, and said, “Make it look exactly like this.”

And so they did, handles and all.

The exterior consists of stucco-covered framed metal set in a basket weave pattern. Two 75-ton handles heated to prevent ice from forming grace the top of the basket, and two 725-pound gold leaf Longaberger tags adorn the sides. The interior contains a 30,000-square-foot atrium and a 142-seat auditorium, where employees used to gather for movie night.

“It was a great home for us for many, many years,” says Baker, who’s worked for the company for 25 years. The final employees emptied out of the basket in July.

It also was a tourist destination. TripAdvisor, which calls the building “World’s Largest Basket,” ranks it No. 6 out of 19 things to do if you happen to be in Newark. The Dawes Arboretum is No. 1.

“It did bring people to the area when it was new,” says Jennifer McDonald, vice president of Licking County Chamber of Commerce, which includes Newark businesses. “They’d make a stop because of the size of the building and the photo opportunity.”

Unpacking the basket’s fate

But after Dave Longaberger died in 1999, tastes in home décor changed and sales slumped. The company’s revenue shrank from $1 billion in sales in 2000 to about $100 million in 2014. In fall 2014, the company was nipping away at the back taxes it owed, paying $10,000 per week for eight weeks, says Parkinson. But the payments stopped in November 2014.

Those delinquent taxes are “the scary part” for prospective buyers, says McDonald. “Heating and cooling costs must be phenomenal. Plus, it looks like a basket.” A basket in need of a paint job, according to a TripAdvisor comment posted in August.

“Being a Newark resident, I have to say that this has become one of the largest eyesores in our area,” the comment said. “The exterior condition of the ‘big basket’ is not good. It needs to be cleaned and painted. … Empty overgrown parking lot, brass Longaberger label that needs polished, handles need repainted. Tear it down!”

To make it look less basket-ish, the handles can be removed, says listing agent Michael Guagenti of Cushman & Wakefield.

“I’m sure a good architect could come up with some paint scheme to make it look not like a basket,” Guagenti told Bloomberg.  Guagenti has explored marketing the property as a nursing home or call center.

McDonald says she could envision the basket building being transformed into a hotel with, perhaps, top floor lofts. There’s also been talk of turning the basket into a convention center.

However, a group of fans and Longaberger employees are trying to gain National Registry status for the building. Jim Klein, a former Longaberger Company president, started a Facebook page—Preserving the Longaberger “Big Basket” as a National Treasure—which now has 1,900 supporters.

Klein says the Big Basket “represents the ‘Gateway to our great American Craft Tradition.’” He recently posted a letter he had written to the American Institute of Architects in Washington, DC, suggesting that the building become an architectural school or laboratory.

Baker, for his part, is glad to be out of the basket building. The last of the Longaberger employees recently resettled in the company’s combined headquarters and manufacturing facility in nearby Frazeysburg.

“There were 50 people working in a building that can hold 500,” says Baker. “That’s not a fun feeling. Now, I’m close to everyone. I can talk to the basket makers.”

(We reached out to Longaberger and JRJR spokesmen for comment on the impending foreclosure, but they haven’t responded.)

The post Ohio’s Giant Basket Building Headed to Foreclosure appeared first on Real Estate News and Advice – realtor.com.

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