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New Travel Company – Club Freedom Society Launching In Direct Sales Industry

Uncategorized February 25, 2015

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New Travel Company – Club Freedom Society Launching In Direct Sales Industry


This month a new travel company, Club Freedom Society launched and will start with their international operations. The company offer an unique, exclusive membership that will allow its members to travel at rock bottom prices. Club Freedom Society will market its services through a person to person referral model.

The company, announced today that Brian Michael had signed paperwork naming him as CEO of the newly formed travel company created between Smod AU and Wealth4Everyone LTD.

Brian Michael was one of the founding members of The Wealth4Everyone group and has joined forces direct in the past with Empower Network, Gvo, GDI, owned Supreme2x2 which was the cycler program in 2009/10 and now is committed to help thousands around the Globe to become successful by using his best kept secrets and his traffic sources which has made him multiple 6 Figures since 2009

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” Brian said, we have been around a long time in our industry, and it was the right time and step to do having been a top affiliate in numerous business opportunities.

“For 12 years I have been the guy promoting many opportunities, building teams of 5,000 – 10,000 distributors and feel now qualified to run a company and mentor our affiliates with simple to implement steps which are our core commitment steps inside Club Freedom Society (CFS).

Our training tools provide a solution to all who want to learn, list building the right way and use our traffic formulas which allowed us to retire our jobs since 2009.

“When we saw the CFS opportunity and the potential that this company has to change how travel is sold, I knew it was time.”


When asked if, as CEO, he will still be involved in the production side of the business, Brian replied,

“Absolutely, especially in this age of social media, videos are more important than ever and positioning and branding and I’m going to make sure our CFS affiliates and Business Associates have the best tools in the market. Including something brand new, a game changer, that has never been used in network marketing before, it is a tool which allows you to blog content to your blog daily using the power of Facebook posts…more inside CFS

The company plans to use a cutting edge, dynamic compression technology / system they believe to be a unique new way to market the memberships. They have also announced that they intend to offer a 110% price match guarantee on all online bookings.

This new technology will be used by all independent representatives, to share the membership with potential buyers.



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